Friday 15 May 2009

Wet Weather and a Shortage of Carrots

It has been very wet. This has its benefits. We haven't had to be outside watering the plants every evening but they have been drinking well and the garden has lovely green shoots all over the place.

Garden Girl and Garden Boy have also reaped the benefits of the wet weather, delighting in the opportunity to put on their wellies and splash, splash, splash in puddles. We went to the zoo today with Garden Friend and the puddles received far more attention than the animals.

Another benefit has been the chance to actually clean up a bit indoors; when the weather is nice it is so easy to justify leaving the ironing and making the most of the sun. But it was time to do some housework, so the rubber gloves replaced the gardening gloves and we all got cleaning. Even Garden Boy joined in cleaning the patio doors, until he decided it was far more fun to pull funny faces by squashing his nose and mouth against the glass. Old handprints have at least been replaced by fresh ones!

And then there was the much needed trip to the supermarket to finally restock our bare cupboards. Though I was in for a shock when I spotted the bare shelves in the vegetable section, discovering to my horror that there is a carrot shortage in Europe. We all love carrots, especially Garden Boy. Whatever will we do without them? As soon as we got home we headed outdoors to check on our carrots and thankfully they have finally started to grow so hopefully we will not suffer a localised shortage. I wonder if the shortage is a result of financial causes or some more menacing problem such as super sized carrot fly? I hope our crop survive. And, despite enjoying the rain for a few days, I hope the sun returns for the weekend. Its time to get back in the garden.


  1. Oh bbq! Garden Mum I do believe you have just inspired my next blog post. As for the carrot shortage, that is a problem...I love it when my mom makes roasted carrots! One of my rather few vegetables I like...

  2. My son's carrots have germinated. I'm hoping that they make it as I love home grown carrots.