Sunday 17 May 2009

Don't Toe Butt Me!

I just sat down next to Garden Girl to give her a kiss and was met with a very sorrowful 'Don't toe butt me,' as I accidentally brushed her toe with my elbow. The thing is she dropped a toy on her toe earlier and has since been propped up on pillows with her foot raised, looking like she believes she might lose her whole leg. She won't stand up to get back any toys Garden Boy takes from her, insisting that she needs to be carried because she hurt her toe.

To be fair it did bleed and required a plaster but whatever happened to a child's ability to do all sorts of damage to themselves and still really really want to climb the big climbing frame? As a result of Garden Girl's accident I have been helperless in the garden this afternoon so have had to plant the cucumbers into their growbags alone. I fear there will be tears when she realises, but she will have to make do with putting the remaining few in pots. I ran out of growbags not realising when I bought them they can only hold two.

Garden Dad informs me dinner is ready so I'm trotting off for some fish pie. I wonder if Garden Girl will be able to walk to the table?


  1. Ouch! Good luck getting her to put her shoes on tomorrow!

  2. Poor little mite, my youngest also damaged her little toe Thursday night but she's fine now and was quite brave surprisingly as there was a lot of blood to clean up.

    Hope garden girl is feeling better, sounds like tomorrow is a sandals and socks day :)

  3. Give her big kiss better from RoRo xxxx