Monday 4 May 2009

Market Day

It was wet and drizzly today but I really wanted to make more headway in the garden. Our calendar is starting to look busy over the next few weeks and I was worried if I didn't plant some more vegetables it would all be getting a bit late. My Little Garden Helpers were eager despite the rain but eventually got wet and cold so went indoors with Garden Dad to build a market stall out of cardboard boxes.

It was quite nice to have the garden to myself. It was a little more peaceful than usual! Even in the rain the garden is a great place to reflect and relax. I also managed to sow lots of seeds; turnips, swede, perpetual spinach, kale, sprouting broccolli and also a second attempt at cabbage and Brussels Sprouts. I also decided to plant out the Dwarf French Beans I started in the greenhouse inbetween the squash I planted on Saturday that I didn't have room for in the Three Sisters bed. I figure if it works for the three sisters it could work with two sisters as well and I'm quite happy to experiment.

When it started to rain a bit too hard I pottered in the greenhouse, repotting the Red Robin tomato plants, searching for slugs and snails and cleaning up a bit. Then when I started to miss the noise I swapped with Garden Dad. While he drilled holes in the garage wall to hang baskets for the tumbling tom tomatoes and strawberries I went shopping at my Little Garden Helpers new market stall and was served up a lovely cup of pretend tea with a slice of chocolate cake to warm me up. What more could a Garden Mum ask for?


  1. Sounds like a perfect garden day right down to the chocolate cake: balancing the joy of little gardeners with the joy of a little alone time. I'm excited you're doing a Three Sisters Bed. We're trying one this year too as a way to make history come alive (and twine around the corn stalks).

  2. Sounds like my sort of day in the garden.