Monday 11 May 2009

Soldiers and Suntan Lotion

We haven't been out in the garden much over the past few days despite the lovely weather. My little garden helpers have had a full weekend of social events. They have been painting, sticking, visiting museums and entertaining friends. Then yesterday there were Roman Soldiers in the local park so we went to watch them march and practice their fighting techniques. Garden Boy enjoyed the sound of swords banging on shields and watching the horse trotting around with a Roman Soldier on its back. Garden Girl was afraid of the fierce looking soldiers but was thrilled with the opportunity to make her very own Roman Coin. I am going to bury it in the garden for her, along with some broken pots, so she can run her very own excavation.

When we did get out in the garden though it was mainly just to keep our vegetables watered, repot a few plants and dig over a little bit, so there is still quite a lot of planting to do. I am hoping for some good weather this week so Garden Dad and I can get the beds ready in the evenings. The little garden helpers will then be able to help plant the peas and remaining beans during the day. And if we are lucky we will get the rest of the hanging baskets fixed to the garage so they can help me plant the strawberries and tumbling tom tomatoes.

Garden Girl used the brief time in the garden this weekend to develop her own brand of suntan lotion for which Garden Boy proved a willing test subject.

As Garden Boy has very little hair we are always very careful to cover his head with Sun tan lotion, so Garden Girl was equally vigilant to cover his head. He happily let her cover his arms and legs but protested when she reached his back and most of it fell straight into his nappy. Having tested the product out though Garden Girl was satisfied it was safe to use on herself and while I found a clean nappy for Garden Boy she duly started on her arms...

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  1. Sand adhering to arms, chin and chest sticky from eating juicy pears is excellent sun protection too. Successfully invented by and tested by Garden Dad aged 18 months.