Wednesday 6 May 2009

Painting Pots

Two of us turned 30 this week and it seems we have reached the age of cards containing jokes about aging. I don't feel like I have hit that milestone yet. Ok, we do ache a bit sometimes and have been known to fall asleep watching TV, but we are spring chickens with a whole lot more to learn about the world. Sometimes we feel not much older than our Little Garden Helpers; we want to go down the slide, play with playdough and jump in the ball pool just as much as they do.

Anyway I digress; what I wanted to show you were the lovely plant pots our Little Garden Helpers painted for Garden Dad's birthday. We bought some cheap and plain terracotta plant pots and some enamel paint and sat in the sunshine painting the pots. Garden Boy was happy to aim his paintbrush anywhere at all, including all over himself. This provided a challenge for me, as enamel paint won't just wash off like watercolours, so I had to keep a watchful eye and clean him up throughout the process. He had to stop when he decided he would like to paint the inside of his mouth orange. Garden Girl on the other hand, worried at the prospect of having permanently blue fingers, very carefully painted her pot all over in light blue and then very carefully painted over it all again in dark blue.

The result was a very pleasant afternoon painting and two lovely plant pots which now contain Red Robin tomato plants for Garden Dad to eat (though I daresay he will be compelled to share.)

And incase you are wondering, yes they did make me a birthday present; a lovely tin of homemade fudge, which yes, I have been compelled to share.

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  1. Ok so I have only read this post and I love you blog and style of writing already, it made me giggle :).

    I'm off to read some more of your blog.