Wednesday 27 May 2009

Seddy the Scarecrow

Garden Boy threw straw everywhere, got himself all tangled up in wool and hid behind pieces of cloth. Garden Girl carefully cellotaped the straw in place and helped attach bits of cloth. A little bit of calm in a wind storm. I stretched my arms in two directions; one hand holding Garden Boy back from destroying other childrens works of art and the other tying scraps of material to a milk bottle. The result of this chaos was Seddy the Scarecrow.
Garden Dad was very impressed when he met Seddy on his return from work tonight and we put him outside to scare away the Pteredactyls, but when Garden Girl realised he might get wet he had to come inside again. He is a fair weather scarecrow. Currently he is keeping watch over our Dracaena. Maybe, if we are lucky, he will keep Garden Boy away and I will enjoy a day or two of not having to sweep up soil. One can only dream.


  1. That's brilliant. A scarecrow is something we are missing on our allotment. I might have to get my own garden boy and garden girl involved in making one.

  2. Nothing short of epic. Bears a striking resemblance to Garden Dad too...