Tuesday 12 May 2009

A Tomato Muddle

Garden Dad reorganised the greenhouse and muddled up my tomatoes.

I had a few Saint Pierre tomatoes not yet repotted, along with all the tumbling toms waiting to go into hanging baskets. At the moment they look just the same, so now they are muddled up I can't tell the difference. The Saint Pierre variety are tall growing and will look rather peculiar in a hanging basket so I will have to make my best guess, but should you see funny looking hanging baskets in any future photos you know why.

Still Garden Dad had the best of intentions - he moved them all into a tray to help them retain water, so I musn't grumble too loudly. I'll just put him on watering duty for the rest of the week.

1 comment:

  1. He did it with the best intentions though.

    I've just found your blog and it's a great read. I'm enjoying reading about Garden Girl and Garden Boy's antics. You're very lucky to have such willing helpers.