Thursday 30 April 2009

A Tomato Experiment

I am experimenting with my tomatoes. I have 52 plants so I figure I can be daring. Some of these 52 will be grown in hanging baskets and indoor pots so will not form part of the experiment. But three varieties will be grown in pots or grow bags. I have eight plants of each of these three varieties. I will grow four of each variety in grow bags, in the greenhouse and four of each variety in pots, outdoors. I am interested to see how much better the plants in the greenhouse will do.

I am also going to experiment with tomato feed. The year before last, we had a very successful harvest from our 6 tomato plants and I didn't feed them once. Yet everywhere I read, I am told to feed tomato plants for a higher quality fruit. I am dubious. So 2 of each variety in the greenhouse and 2 of each variety outdoors will be fed. The others will not.

If all the information I receive is correct the indoor plants getting fed will grow best and yield the best fruit, whilst the outdoor plants with no food will struggle and produce lower quality fruits.

Watch this space to see the results.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! do you think garden girl and garden friend might end up indulging in tomato fights?
    On a different note, I thought this may be of interest the idea could be adapted many ways