Wednesday 29 April 2009

A Dangerous Time

I have started to harden off some of the plants I began in the greenhouse that will, eventually, get planted out. I don't have cloches or cold frames. Garden Dad is going to look into ways he might be able to make me one but the plants are ready now and will soon outgrow their pots, so for the moment I am lifting them out of the greenhouse every morning and back into the greenhouse every evening.

We had the benefit of lovely weather last week so the plants have been quite kindly introduced to life outdoors but this week they have faced worsening weather conditions. This isn't the only danger they will face. After the first slug attacks on the cabbage and brussels sprout plants I have been vigilantly keeping an eye out for slugs and snails in the greenhouse and removing them, but it won't be so easy outdoors. I have lost another cabbage plant to the slugs though if I am honest it wasn't looking too healthy after being thrown out of its pot by Garden Girl. I think only two of the plants look like they survived this.

And this brings me onto the biggest danger of all. Garden Boy. The tomato plants and various squash, marrows and courgettes are bigger than the cabbage plants and as such, are all the more enticing for Garden Boy. If he could talk I swear his first words on stepping outdoors would be 'Let me at them'. I have lost one marrow plant to Garden Boy and I fear that more are to follow. He is getting faster on his feet and I don't always get there in time.

I hope some plants survive the hardening off.

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