Sunday 26 April 2009

Seeds and Mathematics

When I was at school I was relatively good at maths but over the years I haven't used the mathematical part of my brain too much. Without the exercise it has obviously deteriorated somewhat. I mean I can add up my shopping bills and figure out that even with 70% off in the sale I still can't afford to buy a Gucci handbag but my brain became a jumble when faced with working out how far apart two different vegetables should be interspaced. Not rocket science, but it flummoxed me all the same.

I will claim it was the hot sunshine or the tug of little hands on my trousers begging me to hurry up and get started that slowed my brain to snail pace. Luckily Garden Dad knows his numbers and had my interspacings planned in the blink of an eyelid and we were ready to start planting.

It was a relief to get the seed packets out again this weekend. I had a text message from my sister telling me that the beetroot and onions we had helped plant over Easter, (as well as her cauliflower and broccolli), had started to grow. Mine weren't even in the ground yet. It was time to get going.

This is what we planted;

Nantes Carrots 2 interspaced with White Lisbon Spring Onions
Autumn King Carrots interspaced with Sturon and Red Baron Onions
Hannibal Leeks, Musselburgh Leeks and Giant Winter Leeks
Boltardy Beetroot interspaced with Shallots
Pronto Beetroot interspaces with Sturon and Red Baron Onions

I interspaced the vegetables in this way as I had read somewhere that the onion smell confuses pests such as carrot fly and keeps them away from your carrots. I hope they are as confused as I was trying to figure out the interspacing.

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