Sunday 12 April 2009

Helping hands

We were told it would rain but it has been beautiful weather, so we have been enjoying ourselves outdoors. Not in our own garden, as we have been visiting family, but enjoying the sunshine nonetheless. Despite being on holiday our little garden helpers have not been sitting back relaxing, but instead have been passing on their expertise and helping out with a variety of tasks. This morning Garden Girl helped weed Grandma's plant pots and worked hard with Grandad, digging a large hole for a bush.

Yesterday we visited my sister who has a garden, about which I can only say I am truly envious. It is a third of an acre in size, therefore small enough to manage but big enough to get stuck into. They have fruit trees and bushes, raised beds, greenhouse, shed the size of a house, large expanse of lawn and stunning views. We set to work planting vegetables direct into the raised beds. Garden Girl discovered the joys of using a dibber and did a sterling job, making holes for the onion sets. We then dropped them in and covered them up with soil. Neat, regimental rows they weren't, but luckily Auntie C said she liked the hapazard effect.

Garden Boy meanwhile carried out a taste test on northern soil and it seemed to meet his approval as he tucked right in. He then discovered the football and decided to forgo the pleasures of gardening in favour of honing his football skills. He isn't bad for someone who has only been walking for two weeks; he can kick the ball which is more than can be said for his mother.
After watering the beetroot and lettuce Garden Girl had also had enough of gardening and she started an in promptu rhyme time at the bottom of the garden. Not even a campfire and guitar could have made for a merrier scene! The best thing about gardening with children is that every now and then they make you down tools and enjoy playing in the garden.

So now we have practised planting out in Auntie C's garden we are ready to get going on our own next weekend. Lets hope the rain we were promised for this weekend isn't just running late!

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