Wednesday 22 April 2009

Exercise and Enthusiasm

Apple crumble is warming in the oven and I'm enjoying a hot cup of coffee, feeling very chuffed with our hard work. There is still a lot to do but after Garden Girl and Garden Boy went to bed I continued the mammoth task of digging over the raised beds and adding mulch to improve the poor soil. There is something very rewarding about working hard outdoors until the light has faded. My arms ache; they aren't yet used to the exercise, but I take that as a sign I have been working hard. I must admit I was flagging a bit sooner than I had hoped. For someone who used to lug full wheelbarrows, mattock and shovel earth with speed and precision on archaeological excavations, I am certainly showing a lack of fitness. But, if I keep at those raised beds my arm muscles will certainly start to improve.

Garden Dad would have been helping out as well, had he not had to fix the greenhouse. On Monday it was the cabbages that suffered from Garden Girl's enthusiasm; today it was a panel of polycarbonate which was partially pushed out of its frame in her eagerness to get at her trowel. She didn't mean to do it and was worried for the future of the greenhouse, so I don't think she will be leaning against the walls again soon. Garden Boy on the other hand rather liked the noise the panel now made when he bashed it repeatedly, so any further work in the greenhouse had to be delayed until he was taking an afternoon nap, which never materialised.

By the end of the day though we had at least managed to replant 12 tomato plants into grow bags. 12 down, 40 to go! Garden Girl loved moving the plants carefully into their new home and watering them afterwards. She is certainly looking forward to eating the fruit. Yesterday she was showing her Garden Friend all the plants in the greenhouse, explaining all about them, when, with big grins, they suddenly started to pretend to eat them. I think the tomato plants will be well cared for this year!

I have been really pleased with Garden Girl's genuine enthusiasm for helping in the garden but it does occasionally have its down side. There were lots of tears tonight when Garden Girl had to put the watering can away and come back inside for a bath. She was eventually calmed by the prospect of pretending the shower was a watering can. She would be the tomato plant and Garden Boy the spinach. They watered each other. I also had to promise we would re-pot more tomato plants tomorrow. Well at least there are plenty to keep that promise going for a few more days yet!

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