Saturday 4 April 2009

Hints and Tips; DIY Pots

I had just collapsed exhausted on the living room floor yesterday after pretending to be various circus performers with Garden Girl. The reason for this was Boogie Beebies, a tv programme that makes young children exercize and their parents feel very unfit. But while I was working up the energy to get back up and switch the TV off CBeebies surprised me with a great gardening tip which I thought I should pass on.

If you run out of small plant pots for starting off your seeds, just use the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls. Fill them up with compost, stand them in a tray and hey presto you have a pot. And if you need to keep your little helpers occupied for a while give them some to decorate before you fill them up with compost.

And the best thing is, I have loads of them sitting around from our failed attempt at making crackers this christmas. I knew I was holding onto them for a reason.

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