Monday 20 April 2009

Cabbage Catastrophe

For weeks now, Garden Boy has been trying to destroy our cabbage plants. They look rather enticing with 2 litre fizzy pop bottles cut in half, acting as mini cloches. The sunlight glints on them and Garden Boy makes a swift beeline to them as soon as we enter the garden. Every day I chase after him, over and over again, getting more exercise than a marathon runner in training. And I have succeeded in keeping them safe until now. But, little did I know, it would be his older sister who would eventually cause the cabbage catastrophe.

Garden Girl got a bit excited at the prospect of watering the cabbage plants today, ran right into them and knocked them over domino effect. All but one toppled over and completely fell out of its pot. It wasn't only the poor cabbages that found themselves suddenly uprooted. My one surviving Brussels Sprout plant was caught in the landslide. Will we have to go sproutless on Christmas Day when just a little over a month ago we were facing the prospect of having far too many?

My advice; never count your sprouts (or cabbages) too early. You will only face disappointment.

I did try to rescue the fallen seedlings but they look a little droopy. Maybe with extra care and attention they will survive and its not too late to plant them straight in the ground so there is hope still.

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  1. It takes boundless optimism to be a gardener. In the past, after such mishaps, I've lucked onto new seedlings at the green market. Any chance of that?

    I do feel your pain. My forty tomato plants, loaded with lovely little green orbs, were stripped bare by a hailstorm last year. I couldn't go out to the garden for three days, just couldn't bear it.