Wednesday 22 April 2009

Sunflowers and Sabotage

These blog posts are coming thick and fast tonight. I apologise about the bad spacing but the weather has been beautiful and we have been out in the garden enjoying it. Yesterday Garden Girl's friend came to play in the garden and while he was here they each chose their own plant pot for growing a sunflower. They are going to see which will grow tallest. Garden Girl planted one for herself and Garden Boy, while Garden Friend planted one for himself and his little sister.

Now Garden Dad can be very competitive and what I thought would be a pleasant activity for toddlers has revealed to me that his spirit of 'I will win at all costs' has been inherited by our two little helpers. Garden Girl was vocally adamant that her sunflower would grow to be the tallest. When we watered them today she repeated her mantra to me a few times 'Mine will be the tallest. Taller then Grandad. Mine will be the tallest'. Grandad, in case you were wondering, is over 6ft. Nothing wrong with a little self belief you might think but Garden Boy revealed his competitive genes in a rather more worrying manner.


While Garden Girl and Garden Friend were carefully filling their pots with compost, Garden Boy was stealthily emptying out Garden Friends pot almost faster than the poor boy could fill it up. He even managed to lift out the seeds at one point (though I did replace these for Garden Friend later).

I think war has been declared.


  1. How enjoyable! It is amazing out smart children are! And if it is any consolation - I think my nephew would have done the same. My daughter would have just cried if Garden Friend's flower was bigger - but then she is a little dramatic ;-) Thank you for sharing this amusing story.

  2. Oh No! Its a dirty tricks campaign by Garden Dad, fancy putting your son up to such things. Shame on you :)

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