Sunday 5 April 2009

Rat Run

The rats have definitely moved out of our garden but they were only tricking me into believing they were gone for good. They must have moved further down the road and now use our garden as a rat run. This is obviously better than having them squat at the bottom of our garden, but if they are still travelling through they will eventually discover our sweetcorn, squash and other delicious veggies growing above the ground. I don't want to share.

We briefly considered getting a cat but there are lots in the neighbourhood and they are clearly not scaring the rats away. So now I'm considering a pet owl; Is that possible in the middle of suburbia?


  1. Eww, I have voles which are mouse/moles that wreak havoc on all things green. I have 3 cats and a new stray and the voles have a dandy time all year anyway. I would go for the owl for sure.

  2. I think rats are a little big for the average owl, you might have to upgrade to an eagle!

  3. you need to leave some carrion out to attract the Red Kites to nest in the trees!
    Theres an award for you on my blog :)