Tuesday 4 August 2009

Sunflower Competition

You may remember that back in April our Little Garden Helpers and their Friend planted some sunflower seeds. There was to be a competition to see who could grow the biggest sunflower and it is time to report back on the progress.

While Garden Friend's sunflower grew tall and flowered earlier in the month, I (and I hang my head in shame) allowed the Black Fly to decimate our Little Garden Helpers sunflowers to the point of what I thought was total destruction. Before we went on holiday it seemed that our Little Garden Helpers sunflowers would grow no taller than Garden Boy and would never flower.

I almost threw the wretched stems in the green bin but somehow never quite got around to it, so it was a great surprise when we returned from Uncle M's wedding this weekend to find a beautiful sunflower welcoming us home. Only one of them has flowered but Garden Girl was proud of her efforts. Garden Boy, presumably reminiscing about the day the seeds were planted, tried to dig it up, but I like to think that he too was impressed.

So who do we declare the winner?

Through gritted teeth but in the spirit of fairness I suppose we should give the sunflower growing award to Garden Friend whose sunflower never became a feast for the black fly and who in actual fact was the one caring for our own sunflower in the weeks prior to flowering and indeed when it flowered. I can't help but admit that he might well have contributed to the last minute appearance of our beauty.

So congratulations Garden Friend, but beware... we will not lose twice. Next year the win will be ours.


  1. We had a terrible time with our sunflowers this year too. But yours is a beauty. Love that color.

  2. Please please save me some seed - it is the most beautiful colour. I love it. Well done Garden Girl (and helpers).

  3. Great!, so gardening gives out lessons in doses... Never give up, play it to the end, patience, are the ingredients that will make gardeners really gardeners!.. Lucky you to have sunflower growing. Mine still require babysitting.., coming to the fourth leaves.