Friday 7 August 2009

Tweaking the Plan

Last weekend when we arrived back from Uncle M and Auntie H's wedding we had just half a day to get working in the garden but we achieved a lot. Garden Girl helped me pull up big weeds. She dug very carefully to pull up, not just the leaves, but the roots as well. She stalwartly carried on with her task till she had pulled up all the weeds she could see, checking with me that she wasn't removing anything edible. Garden Boy, meanwhile 'helped' Garden Dad build a frame for the netting Grandad South gave us for the peas. He delighted in helping untangle the net and stretching it flat, trying his utmost to get caught in it. Cue, Garden Mum and Garden Boy making a cup of tea.

Then it was time for a stroll around the garden to harvest the large quantities of tomatoes, runner beans, courgettes and marrows that had appeared over the weekend. We just can't eat it all fast enough so the plan for tomorrow had been for Garden Dad and our Little Helpers to get outdoors and keep things ticking over in the garden while I became the perfect housewife just for a day, cooking up a feast in the kitchen. And then the sickness came.

Garden Dad has spent the day in bed, so is unlikely to be a sprightly gardener in the morning and nor is he likely to tuck into a feast when all he could manage today was a bite of toast and a tiny portion of tomato soup. Though perhaps a vegetable soup will be just what he needs and that can be prepared quite quickly so our Garden Helpers and I can get outside bright and early. Fingers crossed we don't catch Garden Dad's lurgy.


  1. OH sorry to hear the lurgy has hit your home, hope garden dad feels better soon.

  2. Oh, NO! Harvest time is not a good time for any set of hands to be sidelined. I'm so sorry for Garden Dad -- and YOU! Best wishes for a quick recovery.