Tuesday 25 August 2009

Beetroot Boredom

We have a surplus of beetroot in our garden. I am the only one in the house who will eat it. Garden Dad, Garden Girl and Garden Boy all refuse. I suppose I should be grateful that they have at least chosen a messy, staining vegetable to dislike. It will save me some washing. But it does leave me with the problem of what to do with the surplus beetroot.

I love beetroot which is why we went ahead and planted it regardless of Garden Dad's screwed up nose at the suggestion, but I must confess that I am tiring of having boiled beetroot on the side with every meal.

So far I have roasted it and boiled it but I lack further inspiration. Any ideas?

I am hoping that a delicious recipe incorporating beetroot will encourage the others to eat it as I would like to have a good argument for growing it again next year. The green leaves tinged with purple look lovely in the garden. So please join my campaign for growing beetroot and send your best beetroot recipes.


  1. Pickled beetroot is good. Try this site http://vegbox-recipes.co.uk/ingredients/beetroot.php - Pickled Beetroot and also, if you scroll down, 15 recipes for beetroot dishes - including Pink Mash for brightening up potatoes - GG & GB might (possibly) enjoy the novelty!

  2. Oh I love beetroot and could never tire of it. We also have it raw with salads. Another favourite is to cube it and saute it in a little butter and olive oil with seasoning - lovely, sometimes drizzle honey on it too. You can also bake them - in the skins, just like potatoes. I also make Beetroot risotto.

    I have a suggestion that may get your family eating them too - beetroot and chocolate cake, muffins or brownies - they are absolutely gorgeous, the combination is fantastic.

    Hope I've helped put some ideas your way.

  3. Chris made a lovely mashed beetroot, served around creamy mashed potato and topped with a spinach, raisin, pine nut and polenta mix. It looked beautiful and tasted delicious. In fact, I raved about it so much that he was concerned that I'd never enjoyed his cooking before. It was the sort of dish you wouldn't think out of place in a top-notch restaurant.

    I think the beetroot was roasted for a good while and then just mashed up. It was the blend of flavours with the other parts of the dish that made it so perfect, I think.

    Beetroot leaves are lovely in salads, as is grated beetroot. I used to love beetroot and carrot juice, with a dash of lemon juice and spoonful of honey. I also remember making a gratin of grated root vegetables which was pretty yummy - grated beetroot, carrot, sweet potato, potato (and any other root vegetables you fancy), tossed in a light bechemal sauce and topped with grated cheese, and then baked in the oven.

    And I love beetroot in a good vegetable stew. Big chunks of autumn vegetables - carrots, swede, potatoes, beetroot, and whatever else is around - lightly sauteed in olive oil and the cooked for about an hour in a vegetable stock (I usually put in a tin of plum tomatoes and a spoonful of marmite as well). Serve with fresh granary bread. Mmmm. I want a bowl now.

    If you can't use it all, send some to me - I love beetroot!

  4. I think yu can shred it mix it with stuff and make it into little veggie burgers. Will have to look....

  5. Until I grew beetroot myself this year, I had only ever had pickled beetroot. After growing it myself I tried it roasted, and it's delicious, but like your household, I'm the only one who likes it.

  6. Riverford Organics website has a yummy courgette chocolate cake recipe which could be adapted using grated raw beetroot, I think. Then you'd probably find the rest of the family more enthusiastic about sharing the crop!

  7. I just pickle it by the barrowload and then give away a jar to anyone foolish enough to enter the house for more than 5 minutes.

  8. Thank you all for these brilliant ideas. It is making me very hungry just reading through them. I will be trying lots of them out and I will let you know how it goes.