Thursday 13 August 2009

Goblin Mischief

A few weeks ago the naughty goblins stole a rainbow and all the colour was drained from Noddy's Toy Town. I fear that those naughty goblins have been causing similar mischief in our garden. Here is a picture of the carrots I pulled up a couple days ago.

If the goblins are not to blame, does anyone know what can have happened to the carrot on the top?

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  1. Found Q&A section on a carrot website -
    G7. What causes my carrots to be pale yellow instead of the typical orange colour?
    Although there are varietal differences in root colour, this problem could be caused by environmental conditions.
    Carrots maturing under warm temperatures or high moisture conditions lack good root colour. These carrots also have poor flavour and texture. Plant carrots so they mature under relatively cool temperatures that average less than 80 degrees F. Avoid excessive soil moisture.
    G15. What affects the colour and shape of carrots?
    Even within a variety a carrot's colour and shape can vary according to the type of soil and commencement temperature. Lower temperatures give yellowier carrots and reduced size and shape.

    So - was it too hot or too cold? And why just one carrot affected by temperature? If I ever get my books unpacked I'll see if they have any answers. We used to get a few of these too when we had productive garden - never knew why but I vaguely remember they had a strange texture so put them straight in the compost.