Wednesday 26 August 2009

We're Eating Vegetables for Dinner

While I was preparing the salmon for tonight's dinner I left Garden Girl on the phone with Grandma North. After the initial greetings, Garden Girl decided that the best form of communication was via the medium of song. Every reply was delivered in the form of her own words, sung to the tune of  'Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow' and these are two of the verses that drifted my way;

We're eating vegetables for dinner, vegetables for dinner, vegetables for dinner
We're eating vegetables for dinner and I'm going to eat them all up.

We're going to pick some marrows, pick some marrows, pick some marrows
We're going to pick up some marrows and eat them all up.

Proof, in my ears, that growing our own has truly benefited Garden Girl's appreciation of vegetables. She doesn't always eat them all up but she certainly has much more interest in vegetables and enjoys a much wider variety of vegetables. Success.


  1. Nothing warms my heart as much as seeing my children delight in the garden. Just this morning mine were admiring the ruby red tassels on the growing corn. Last night, they were enjoying the corn with butter and salt.

    Garden Girl's song is just perfect. I think I will sing it today as I harvest some beets.

  2. Kids eating vegetables...that IS exciting! I like the song communication. My nephew (4) does that, too!