Monday 31 August 2009

Good Work Garden Dad

Garden Dad has been working very hard all day tidying the garage. At the beginning of the year the garage was filled to the rafters with junk, toys, tools, cardboard, bits of old carpet, furniture and half finished painting projects. Before we started planting back in April Garden Dad had a massive clear out, followed by numerours trips to the tip. For a short while we could find the garden tools and the garage was tidy.

Over the course of spring and summer however, as our energies have been channelled outside, the garage had steadily started to resemble its former state of mess. So, striking up the radio, Garden Dad spent the day tackling the tip until once again there is room to stand in the garage. This time however Garden Dad has put nails in the wall to hang garden tools on and he has attached things to the ceiling to keep them off the floor. He also pledged to complete the unfinished paint jobs in the coming weeks and there was a look of determination in his eyes that suggested this might actually happen.

A Bank Holiday well spent Garden Dad. Thanks for your hard work.

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  1. We pulled our garage down when we had an extension built on the house, and I do miss it. Now we only have a small shed to store all the clutter and it's a tip!