Tuesday 11 August 2009

Digging, Catching Bees and Playing on the Slide

Garden Dad is now recovered and everyone else stayed illness free so we are assuming it must have been something he ate. The only thing I can think Garden Dad had that we didn't was some of his home brew. The suggestion that Garden Dad's home brew might have made him ill didn't go down too well but he made it a long time ago and I can only presume it doesn't keep as long as shop bought beer. I think it is time he made a new batch.

So on Saturday, while Garden Dad read books and slept, our Little Garden Helpers and myself harvested some vegetables and pulled up some huge weeds outside the greenhouse. Then we set to work clearing away the turf and weeds between the greenhouse and runner beans to make our strawberry bed. The potted strawberries have been sending off runners which have been rooting onto the grass but we do want to save them as we intend to have lots of strawberry plants. Before we risk losing them we need to get their bed ready for them.

It was slow going because Garden Boy was using the soil to make mud showers. Then, when he was 'clean' enough he decided to play a new game - Grab the bee. Standing in front of the lavender he would try to catch the many bees as they flew past him. I tried to distract him with the slide which eventually worked, at least until Garden Girl decided to join in. Garden Boy wasn't fast enough for Garden Girl and Garden Girl barged in front of Garden Boy a few too many times. So then I spent half an hour supervising slide turn taking.

By the end of the day half the bed was dug and the rhubarb which hadn't been doing too well on the sunny side of the garden was relocated to the shady side. The rest is still to dig because we were visiting friends on Sunday and I took our Little Helpers to the zoo yesterday. All the animals we saw were feasting on cabbages and carrots. I wonder what size vegetable plot would be needed to keep the zoo animals fed all year? Imagine the work!

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