Wednesday 29 July 2009

A Welly Wet Day

It is pouring down outside. We wanted to go out and give our peas some support tonight but it is far too wet. It is very frustrating because between the unpacking, washing, ironing and our Little Garden Helpers full social calendar, we have been unable to get stuck into the garden this week. It really doesn't take long for the weeds to take over and for things to start looking tatty when you are not tending the beds every day. It makes me realise how much we do in the garden even on those days when we aren't really working in the garden. Pulling up the odd weed, flicking away some pests, tightening the netting, helping the beans find their support again after a windy night. It makes all the difference.

If it is still raining tomorrow we may have to make it a welly day. Garden Girl and Garden Boy can make mud pies and splash in puddles while I pull up weeds and stick stakes in the ground but lets all hope for some sunny weather over the weekend. Uncle M and Auntie H are getting married on Friday and I'm not sure wellies will cut it.


  1. My sympathies! We have had nothing but welly weather this summer (as you know from bearing with me). But the sun has burst out finally, and we are feeling sunnier ourselves as we catch up with the garden chores.

    Congratulations to the bridal couple. We'll be wishing sunshine your way...

  2. Garden does offer some room for activities even when it is sticky wet...
    Happy Gardening
    ~ bangchik

  3. I hope you managed to get out in the garden today. We had a thunder storm this morning, but it brightened up a bit this afternoon.