Monday 6 July 2009

Fruit Bush Envy

A long while ago I got fruit bush envy. A friend of ours had bought themselves a blueberry bush and I wanted one.

Garden Girl and Garden Boy both adore blueberries. We cannot visit a supermarket without buying more and they last not much longer than a day. Getting a blueberry bush would save us some money, I reasoned. Garden Girl and Garden Boy would delight in having a ready supply in the garden and they are very attractive plants, adding a lovely rich blue colour to the garden. If ever there was a convincing arguement for buying a plant, it was all there.

So I bought one.

Never mind that we will still spend as much money on blueberries because our Little Garden Helpers will simply eat more. The blueberries will all be eaten straight from the plant throughout the day but come dinner time they will still want blueberries.

Never mind that the lovely rich blue fruit on the plant will 'myseriously' disappear the moment it turns blue and before we have had a chance to appreciate the plant's visual delights.

Never mind that we had no where to put it.

So now we have a very small raised bed, attached to the end of the last raised bed we built, home only to the blueberry bush. Not only did this special bush recieve its very own bed but it got its very own soil as well. It is a bit picky and needed acid compost which we duly gave it. But it must be happy in its new home, as within hours of being planted the first fruit started to turn blue.

'Its turning blue, its turning blue' exclaimed Garden Girl jumping up and down with excitement. At least the arguement for delighting our Little Garden Helpers still stands!


  1. Very exciting. I hope GG and GB allow you and GD to sample at least one ripened berry each...

  2. We all love blueberries here. I've got two bushes and the berries are now starting to turn blue.