Friday 3 July 2009


...they keep biting me when I water the vegetables in the evening. And there has been a lot of watering this week. Normally Garden Dad and I share the watering between us but this week we have had two gardens to tend as we have been returning the favour and watering Zooarchaeologists garden while they are away.

So while Garden Dad has taken charge of Zooarchaeologists garden I have been responsible for our own and the mosquitos are loving it. I suppose I should be grateful they are munching on me and not our vegetables like the black fly, but my legs are starting to feel as itchy as Garden Girl's chicken pox. Garden Dad seems to have escaped their attacks. Is that because he isn't as tasty as me? Or does Zooarchaeologist not have any mosquitos in her garden?

When I was younger mosquitoes were an exotic insect, only to be worried about if you went over the channel. Wasps were the biggest nuisance at home and when we were on holiday in glorious Scotland, midgies were the worst we had to deal with. This could just be that growing up I lived in the colder North West and I now live in the South East, but I suspect that it is only in recent years that mosquitoes have colonised the UK in large numbers.

With frequent reports concerning the declining population of bees and the rise in the mosquito population over recent years I have started to wonder what other changes in the insect world have been occuring. Have you noticed an increase or decline in insect populations in your gardens?


  1. We have lots of spiders and mosquitoes this summer, no much decline in bees.

  2. We don't have any mosquitos, they know not to come near us or i'll set toddler boy on them...