Sunday 12 July 2009

Garden Creatures

Over the last week we have been hunting in our garden for wildlife. We found many little creatures, some of them welcome and some of them not...

Bees humming around the lavender and hovering above the grass,

Caterpillars munching through our brassica's,

Pretty butterflies fluttering around the cabbage netting to find a way in, but eventually giving up and settling down to smell the lavender,

Ladybirds feasting on the Black Fly and saving our Runner Beans,
A Frog, hiding behind a garden fork, as the last of his cover is removed when Garden Dad finishes the final raised bed,
and a beautiful pink fairy spreading her magic all around the garden.


  1. Lovely wildlife, but the prettiest by far is the fairy :-)

  2. Please may I have a beautiful pink fairy to spread her magic around my garden and protect me from the bee which stung my foot today. It didn't leave its sting behind so I think it may have survived the trauma of almost being trampled as it fed on the clover in the lawn.

  3. The ladybirds were my favorite -- until I saw the pink fairy.

    We had a frightening experience last night. I sent Fern out to cut a head of lettuce, and when she started washing it, a COLONY of earwigs emerged and scattered. Great dismay chasing down earwigs in the kitchen, eek! Hope all your pests stay in the garden, where the proper predators can chase them down.

  4. Hello Gardening Mum, what lovely pictures! I like your blog, there's something very soothing about gardens. I wish I had - or made - more time for gardening.