Tuesday 14 July 2009

An Interview with Garden Girl

About four weeks ago Garden Girl, a two year old lover of gardens, readily agreed to this interview but her schedule was very busy so I went with her into the garden and sitting on a plastic slide I shouted the questions out as she ran around in circles, giggling.

So what is your favourite part of your garden?
With you, planting things

And what do you like doing most in the garden?
Eating my plants

Which is your favourite plant to eat?
Strawberries (Garden Girl takes a break from running in circles at this point to rub her tummy and lick her lips).

You like to help Mummy and Daddy in the garden, but which is your favourite job?
Planting. (A long thoughtful pause follows this response which is followed by a grin and another single word... Strawberries.)

You also enjoy playing in the garden. Do you have a favourite toy?
My slide. No, my scooter. Daddy can you get my scooter out of the garage please? Daddy, my scooter.

You have lots of birds, insects and animals visiting your garden. Do you have a favourite?
Yes. Garden Boy. He is a garden animal.

Thank you Garden Girl. Now, will you take a photograph of your five favourite things in the garden and tell me why you like them?
Give me the camera. Let me hold it. Let me hold it. Daddy! Give me the camera.

Strawberries - because they are red and juicy and for eating.

Scarecrow - because I made it at the museum.

Tomatoes - because they are red and juicy.

Cucumbers - because they are green and yummy in my tummy.

Sweetcorn - because they are yummy and yellow and for eating.

The interview ended with a battle to reclaim the camera but offering the hosepipe as an alternative soon did the trick and I left Garden Girl happily watering the vegetables alongside Garden Dad.