Friday 17 July 2009

Tomatoes Are Red!

Garden Girl broke up from Pre-School yesterday. As a special end of term treat they had invited the local police to visit with their car. All the other children went outside to sit in a real police car, watch the flashing blue light and hear the siren whirr. Garden Girl was suspicious of strange people so stayed inside and drew pictures of wild animals for Garden Boy. This cautious behaviour extends to various situations, be it an unknown person, an unfamiliar place, a bigger climbing frame and today a yellow tomato!

Daddy; 'So have you seen the yellow tomatoes?'
Garden Girl; 'No Daddy. Tomatoes are red.'
Daddy; 'Not all tomatoes are red. We have grown some yellow ones in our garden.'
Garden Girl; 'No. Tomatoes are red. I don't like yellow ones.'
Daddy; 'Just try one.'
Garden Girl; 'I think I am filled up.'
Daddy; 'They taste good'
Garden Girl; 'I've finished.'

Perhaps she thought we were trying to trick her into eating something she doesn't like by calling it a tomato or perhaps the lack of any variety in supermarkets has taught her that tomatoes are red, have always been red and always will be red. I'm not surprised though. It was only recently that I discovered yellow tomatoes existed. This was our first harvest of yellow tomatoes so hopefully over the next few weeks they will become more familiar and she will happily devour them. Or if not, at least there will be one variety of tomato I will stand a chance of being able to eat before little hands scoop them up!


  1. Have you tried growing Tigerella tomatoes? They are stripey. Might be good fun for GG and GB. Oh, and they taste nice too.

  2. We saw a stunning variety of tomatoes on the market stalls in France. The best-looking ones, though, were the really big stripey ones that looked a bit like pumpkins. No idea what they're called. And I'm sad to report that we only bought the red ones - big slicing tomatoes and small juicy plum ones; all delicious.

  3. Wait until she sees a Sungold! A gorgeous orange tomato might be a good transition along the color wheel to a yellow. Until that day, enjoy your yellows all to yourself!