Friday 10 September 2010

Talking trees

When we were walking home from dropping Garden Girl off at nursery today Garden Boy insisted we stop at every single tree. And there are quite a few. The reason? Well apparently they were tallking to him. At the first tree he said 'Mummy, look. A talking tree.' What's the tree saying?' 'He wants a word with me' 'And what does he want a word about?' 'His leaves. They are falling off.' 'And did he tell you why?' At this poont Garden Boys eyes light up and he says 'Yes! For me for stamping in'. While Garden Boy stamped in circles on a scattering of leaves I asked him if the tree intended to drop more and he said 'Yes. Lots. Lots. Lots.' And so, with summer never really getting started, it would seem that autumn is already on its way. I have it on good authority from a wise old tree!

Other trees waved at Garden Boy with their 'big green hands' and told him to look at the pretty flowers nearby. One tree told him a 'next door tree' didn' t have hands but feathers instead, leading to a conversation about the different shapes of leaves. Another tree said it had berries to feed the birds with and another had apples to feed Garden Boy with, although they were all bruised so we left them for the birds instead. Garden Boy very sternly told the tree to drop some nice ones next time!

It was thrilling to see Garden Boy's imagination at work so vividly and also to discover what he knows about trees without any prompting. Wouldn't it be lovely if the trees really did send wise words our way as we walked by? Imagine the stories they could tell!
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  1. You need to read him The Faraway Tree when he's a little bigger!

  2. _vtg_ I loved those books when I was little. It will be fun sharing them with our Little Garden Helpers.

  3. I love this - what an imagination! Gorgeous Garden Boy xxxx