Wednesday 8 September 2010

Not In My Cuppa

I was recently invited to go into London to see 100 'cows' escape onto the streets of London in protest over the proposed development of a 'mega dairy' and although I was unable to attend I believe that the issue they were raising is worthy of sharing. The WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) launched the campaign 'Not In My Cuppa' to raise awareness of what life would be like for the cows if Nocton Dairies are successful with their planning application for a 'mega dairy', as well as the implications for British Dairy farmers.

A massive dairy such as this could potentially put over 100 smaller dairy farms out of operation and yet the UK is virtually self sufficient in milk so there is no real need for a new large dairy. Nocton Dairies will have a herd of 8100 cows which will be milked three times a day in comparison to the twice daily milking that is the norm for UK farms. The cows will be housed in small cubicles with time spent outdoors limited. The WSPA therefore have strong concerns for the welfare of these cows if the dairy gets the go ahead. In addition to this, there is the possibility that with reduced grazing times, the milk produced by these cows will contain fewer nutrients. Is this really the milk we want on our cereal or in our brew?

To learn more about the 'not in my cuppa' campaign and to follow their progress visit the website at or sign up to follow them on twitter.
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  1. Thanks for writing about this campaign! The support has been amazing and it's great to see how many people understand that "battery cows" are really the last thing we want in this country!