Wednesday 15 September 2010

Brown Frog/Toad

Is it a frog? Or is it a toad? How can we tell the difference?

The only thing I do know is that it should have been green. Garden Boy ran excitedly to see the frog when Uncle H called him to the garden, but hung his head sadly when it turned out not to be his favourite colour.


  1. Good question on frogs versus toads. I was going to go "toad" as I imagine frogs as rather more dainty.... but from these keys, and, it seems to have bulgy eyes and short legs. Did it hop or run? (or neither?!)

    Might be on ; as I'm officially meant to be doing something other than taxonomy I'll leave it there!!

  2. huh.., green and brown is quite rare here in urban areas. Most are dull, brownish black.

  3. Hello I came to your blog from MKGs blog We have all sorts of colours of frogs on our plot - they are not always green. Frogs hop and toads crawl and toads have a more warty sking whereas frogs have a smooth skin. There are other differences too.

    I have a website that has information on both if you are interestef just follow the links Toads and frogs