Tuesday 14 September 2010


Garden Dad picked Garden Girl up from nursery school today and walked back to his office through the park. On the way they collected their first conkers of the year and this brought back a few memories for me of playing conkers as a child and always being slightly scared of getting a broken finger. I was consequently never very good at it. Garden Dad on the other hand loves conkers. Every year he collects new conkers, plays conkers with his workmates and stores them for years to harden them up. In 2006 Garden Dad wrote his one and only blog post on his own blog and the subject was conkers. Here is an extract from that post;

It is conker season here in the UK and I have been diligently collecting for the past month or so. However, I have only had the chance to play one game. And even then I don't know who won. The Apple Crumble Guy finished with a nine-er, so I guess he did. But I don't think that he necessarily won the most games, just the last one.

I guess we were so eager to play we didn't think of who would end-up as the winner. Or more importantly, the loser.

So I now have around 30 conkers in a cupboard at work, waiting for a game. It is starting to look like this might not happen this year. At least the longer I wait the harder the conkers get.

Those conkers are still in his cupboard at work getting more and more lethal. Every year he threatens to get them out and play a tournament but I manage to persuade him to collect new ones. Its part of the fun after all and there is no chance in the world that I will play conkers against him while these maturing conkers still exist. I'll stick to playing with our Little Garden Helpers. 

This post is just a reminder to Garden Dad to leave the 2006 conkers in their cupboard! 

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  1. Fascinating to know conkers are still in action! In my antipodean childhood they occupied the same mental category of "strange things from Enid Blyton books" along with potted shrimp, ginger buns, and orangeade. (And children being allowed to vanish for weeks on end without any adults being concerned.)