Tuesday 7 September 2010

A Broken Laptop and a Big Day

Our laptop keeps breaking down so when I came to post tonight I couldn't log on to the operating system. We are currently looking into getting a new hard drive but in the meantime I am relying on my new phone to post so I may only post briefly till it is fixed.

Despite the computer breaking however we did have a good day today, although not in the garden. It was Garden Boy's first day at playgroup today and he loved it. Thats what comes of dropping his sister off there for so long. The only bit he didn't like was the songs at the end but that is nothing new. The only time I am allowed to sing to Garden Boy is at bedtime. At other times he just puts his hands over his ears and shouts 'STOP'!

It was a big day for Garden Girl as well as her nursey school teachers came to meet her in preparation for her first day on Thursday. We will have to make the most of tomorrow because as of Thursday I lose one Little Garden Helper every morning and two some mornings. It will seem very quiet at home and I will have fewer excuses for not doing the weeding.
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