Friday 3 September 2010

Fairy Furniture

Earlier in the week when we walked to our local shop we came across loads of mushrooms. It is only a short walk away, along a residential footpath but the mushrooms are thriving. They weren't there a few weeks ago but all the rain we had last week must have created the perfect environment for them. Our Little Garden Helpers loved looking at all the different types, although there was a moment of upset when Garden Boy decided to stamp on some. 'NOoooooooooo! The fairies will have nowhere to sit' shouted Garden Girl, bursting into tears as she examined the carnage. I managed to persuade Garden Girl that the fairies would be too shy to sit in such an open place, although she still occassionally mutters that Tinkerbell would have been brave enough.

Garden Dad tells me he has seen some in the park growing in a circle. We must search these out. Garden Girl will love the idea of a fairy tea party taking place so close to her house. And if you happen to be a fairy reading this post, here is a selection of the local fairy furniture range:

Seating for a more open, sunny spot:

Seating for a shadier position:
Two stylish tables to choose from:

And finally, cosy, comfortable beds for an afternoon doze in the shade:

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  1. Rains seem to be pushing some plants to life. Rain lilies wait for a good rain, to sprout high and bloom. Mushroom too.... Boys and girls always exhibit such contrasting outlook....