Monday 1 February 2010

A Missing Wall and Fruit Trees

This weekend we had to empty everything out of the living room, kitchen and hallway to allow the builders in to knock down a wall and make a small amount of extra space in the kitchen. Garden Girl enjoyed the excitement of it all, although I don't think she really believed us when we said the builder would be knocking down a wall. When we returned from our day out today to find a wall missing she exclaimed in surprise 'Oh, the builder REALLY DID knock down the wall!' Garden Girl and Garden Boy then ran around in excited circles until dinner was ready, suprisingly occupied by empty space, rather than toys. Garden Boy hadn't initially been quite as impressed by our weekend activities, as he watched his toys disappear upstairs box by box. Eventually be stood at the bottom of the stairs shouting 'Back, Back, Back'.

Both our Little Garden Helpers, however, were more than enthusiastic to head into the garden and help plant our new apple trees and temporarily pot our gooseberrys, redcurrants, whitecurrants and raspberries.

Although it was cold, it was very sunny and it was lovely to have an excuse to leave the building preparations alone for a few hours and get back to the garden. Fully occupied with tree planting, filling watering cans with compost, pouring compost out of newly filled plant pots, watering newly planted trees and finally uprooting newly planted trees, our Little Garden Helpers didn't have time to think about cold fingers and we all remembered why we have so much so fun in the garden. There will be no holding us back now.


  1. Isn't it funny how kids find enjoyment in the simplist of things, like the box the toy comes in rather than the toys, ah! kids you gotta love em!

    Your kids have a better cold tolerance than I, I'm still wrapped up tight indoors but we did have some sun over the last two days and long may it continue. The ground around my way is frozen solid so I'm hoping a few more days of winter sunshine will thaw it a bit.

  2. It's great to be outside growing after the cold isn't it? We've been working on our allotment and garden with the little one and it's been great fun.
    Look forward to see your growing year again.