Friday 12 February 2010

Imagine a Garden

Whenever I suggest we go out into the garden, Garden Boy does an excited dance from foot to foot, pointing through the window and saying 'apple tree, apple tree'. Each time I must point out that we have already planted the trees and now we have to wait a long time for the apples to grow. His response to this is 'apple tree, apple tree'. I asked him earlier in the week if he wanted to go and look at them or plant more and he said he wanted to plant more. I suggested we plant something else, like broad beans, herbs or cress but he just pouted and said 'no, apple tree.' If he could, he would fill the garden with apple trees. This conversation inspired me to sit down with our Little Garden Helpers and imagine their perfect garden. When we had talked about it we made a picture to show what it would look like. And here it is;

Garden Boy wanted a garden full of apple trees, which was a perfect accompaniment to the garden full of bluebells desired by Garden Girl, so she could become 'Bluebell Fairy'. Bluebell Fairy needed a blue seat in the sun, with strawberries and banana's near by to eat. I can only assume Garden Boy will be eating the apples. They were unanimous in the request for a rainbow, with sun but no rain. In my own mind this means that it will always just have rained, so as the sun dries the flowers, there will be a beautiful scent in the air as we wander amongst the trees. Garden Boy also wanted lots of bumble bees and Garden Girl wanted blue butterflies. A shout of 'pink' from Garden Boy also added some pink butterflies to the final, beautiful garden, where I would love to spend an afternoon wandering amongst the trees and bluebells, before sitting in the sunny glade (beside the strawberry patch of course) reading a book and drinking lemonade while our Little Garden Helpers play hide and seek amongst the trees.


  1. Perfect, I could relax in that garden.

  2. Sounds like a perfect garden to me :)

  3. I've been imagining a garden, it has a pub attached to it ;)