Sunday 7 February 2010

Staying Away from Home

It is hard work spending a whole week avoiding your own house. While our builder has been working in our kitchen I have been keeping our Little Garden Helpers away from the dust and wet plaster, entertaining them elsewhere all day, every day. Some of our lovely friends willingly offered us warmth, food, toys and hours of entertainment. Garden Boy also got to spend a morning with his sister at playgroup while I carried out my 'helping mummy' duties. We have visited the library, the playground, the craft shop and the soft play centre and indulged in Pizza Hut's 'All you can eat ice cream factory'.

It is strange, because our days are usually filled with lots of activities, but the ability to come home for lunch and a cup of coffee obviously makes a big difference to how quickly my batteries are recharged. Staying away from the house has also meant staying away from the garden, so the week passed by without a single hour spent out there. Only the worms were given brief visits to deliver food.

The weekend arrived and we made a trip to visit Garden Cousin, who was celebrating his first birthday and the presence of energetic Auntie's and Uncle's to entertain our Little Garden Helpers gave me some much needed relaxation. We have been doing some DIY today in the hope that we can paint this week and our Little Garden Helpers will have their toys back downstairs as quickly as possible, so the garden has again been sidelined. But with my batteries recharged I am looking forward to the week ahead and the chance to get back out there. I have some seed packets sitting at the ready and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some mild weather.

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