Thursday 4 February 2010

Review: JoJo Maman Bebe Packaway Waterproof Dungarees

When Garden Boy took his first steps out into the snow this year it was only moments before he was in tears and demanding to be picked up. The snow was too deep for him and as soon as it fell down his wellies and soaked through his trousers he was no longer having fun. Garden Girl's dissappointment at having to abandon her snowman half finished and with only one eye, encouraged me to look for some weatherproof trousers for our Little Garden Helpers.

The trouble was that I knew how difficult it would be to wrestle them into the all-in-one waterproof suits that many of their friends wear, so I was initially looking for weatherproof trousers. Then I came across these lovely waterproof dungarees at JoJo Maman Bebe and was thrilled when they agreed to send me some to test and review and we all love them. 

We have thoroughly tested them, wearing them first at Whipsnade Zoo where the wind and cold at this time of year are always a force to be reckoned with. Taking Garden Girl on a walk in a cold wind usually ends in tears, as once she has started to really feel the cold she loses her enthusiasm for walking and simply wants to get back home as quickly as possible. The dungarees made a huge difference. They claim to be windproof and I think that Garden Girl would agree that they are.  She only started to ask about returning to the car when she removed her gloves to eat her grapes and her hands got cold. Her legs and bottom, she assured me were still warm.

We have also made a trip to the playground in them, done some gardening and been puddle splashing and on all occassions we were very impressed. We went to the playground with some friends, returning to their house afterwards for coffee and it was much easier to just take off the wet, muddy dungarees than search around for a complete change of outfit at someone else's house. They also fold up small, packing away into a built in pocket, so they don't take up too much room in the changing bag and as a result I now take them out with me every day, ready for any impromptu muddy puddle walks. And unlike some 'pack-away' garments on the market, the pocket is hidden when the dungarees are worn, rather than being visible on the back or front of the dungarees. The pocket actually sits snugly inside the front of the dungarees and our Little Garden Helpers love their 'secret pockets'. Garden Boy, who has recently started stuffing things down the front of his t-shirts and vests to carry them around is thrilled to have somewhere to put things where they won't eventually reappear from the bottom of his trousers, while Garden Girl has somewhere to keep her hair clips safe when she inevitably takes them out. They will also be a fabulous place for our Little Garden Helpers to keep seed packets safe in spring when they are sowing their vegetables.

I think the dungaree style is better than the all-in-ones because they will still be able to wear them over the top of a lightweight jumper or t-shirt later in the year when the weather is warmer, to help with the muddy gardening, or to puddle splash on wet, but warm summer days. And lets face it, we have a lot of those! At this time of year, their winter coats fit well over the top to keep them warm, while the dungarees keep their legs dry and warm. Garden Girl at 3 years 4 months fits the 3-4 year size well, with plenty of room for growth, so there is no doubt they will still fit in summer, while Garden Boy at 20 months was too big for the 18-24 month size which just didn't have the leg length to fit him even now. The age 2-3 dungarees however fit well, so I would recommend for the smaller sizes perhaps looking at the next size up for your little ones.

The dungarees also unclip on the shoulders very easily, so for a toddler who urgently needs the toilet, they are a lot more practical than the all-in-ones. On an urgent 'roadside call of nature' it was even possible to unclip the dungarees from under Garden Girl's coat without her having to get cold. In summer the extra coverage provided by the dungarees, rather than waterproof trousers, will be useful when we go paddling in the river and our Little Garden Helpers  sit down on a submerged rock to rest! The trousers even tuck snugly into wellies with elastic around the feet to stop the trousers riding back up so they no longer walk around with one leg tucked into the welly, while the other trouser leg hangs over the top.

If your little ones like the outdoor life then these really are an excellent product and stylish too. Garden Girl and Garden Boy love the flower and boat designs on their dungarees, although I have to admit Garden Boy wanted the one with pink roses, while Garden Girl wanted the blue one with boats!


  1. I have something very similar for my little girl that I got at Lidl and the design sound pratically identical except for the hidden pocket (and that has got to be a bonus). My daughter is just out growing hers so I'll be sure to check out these to see if they come in her size.

  2. They sound good. I have some similar ones bought from Tchibo - they're fully waterproof and thermal too (bought next size when in the sale too). They've been thoroughly tested in the garden, allotment, rivers and the sea ;-). Probably less pack-away than the ones you have though - great idea.

    Wouldn't be without them.

  3. We have some of these for my boys in red. They have been amazing - they are great for in the snow and they haven't let water through once (trust me, there has been a lot of snow here and we have tested them VERY well). Adam is tall and growing out of his and I'm worried that they don't have a bigger size. GAH!

    Would totally agree that dungarees rather than all in ones are the way to go. Mine wear thick trousers and a couple of fleecy tops under theres (all tucked in as that keeps the heat in) and have been fine outside in temperatures down to -10C.

    lucky you being sent some to review! I'm ever so jealous, as they have been amoung my best baby buys.

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