Thursday 28 January 2010

Favourite Photo Meme

I'm not always very good at passing on blog meme's however when Zooarchaeologist at Being a Mummy passed on the favourite photograph meme it seemed silly not to join in, especially as I have been spending a lot of time sorting through photos following our hard drive breakage. It was very, very hard however to find a favourite photo. We take so many and most of them are of giggling, happy children having fun. In the end I decided to narrow the choice down to a picture of our Little Garden Helpers and in the spirit of my blog this also reduced the choice to pictures that did not show their faces. So here is my favourite picture of our Little Garden Helpers from behind:

I chose this because it shows how much fun our Little Garden Helpers were having on our camping holiday last year and is full of fabulous family memories.

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  1. Oh!! I was taken completely unawares, thanks for passing this on, I'll have to go a delving in my archives for a favourite photo.

    Your favourite photo reminds me of one I took of my eldest when she was about six yrs old, in a similar setting but in the West Indies.

    In my photo my daughter is standing in the water shoes off with her back to the camera but she has twisted herself round ever so slightly to grin at me with missing teeth evident and a slightly wet bottom from when she stooped to low over the water.

    Aren't photos great for burning sweet memories into our mind.

  2. Hi I've left you an award on my blog