Thursday 14 January 2010

Wriggling Worms

Our wormery arrived today in a big box and so it was with much excitement that Garden Dad and I unpackaged the contents this evening and started to set it all up. I will take Garden Girl and Garden Boy out to the garage tomorrow to see the new arrivals who are currently wriggling into their new home. Not knowing how the worms were packaged up we thought it best to put everything together while Our Little Garden Helpers were asleep, mostly to avoid Garden Boy grabbing handfuls of worms to taste. He has been known to indulge in slug, snail and soil, so the worms might well have looked appetising. Now the worms are safely contained in their tray I am more confident I will be able to hold back eager hands and I am sure both Garden Girl and Garden Boy will be thrilled to learn all about worms and how they help us out in the garden. It is nice to be creating our own compost once more.

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