Sunday 10 January 2010

Shredded Snow

Garden Girl enjoyed sledging in the snow yesterday with Garden Dad and her friend. She particularly enjoyed riding on the sledge to get to the park, Garden Dad pulling her the whole way while she sat back and enjoyed the view. Garden Boy set off to join in but didn't seem to have the balance to stay on the sledge and soon became upset and cold so was returned home to help me with some paperwork.

So, still not entirely convinced by the cold snow, Garden Boy decided today that he would do better to recreate the snowy world outside in the warmth of our home. While Garden Girl was helping me choose a cake recipe Garden Boy was quietly poking a hole in the big black liner filled with shredded paper that stood 'securely' fastened in the hallway. I blame the mouthwatering pictures in the recipe book for my failure to notice what was happening, but by the time I started to wonder why Garden Boy was so quiet the hallway was covered in a lovely layer of shredded paper snow. Garden Boy was in the middle of it all picking up handfuls and throwing them over his head, dancing about with a big smile on his face. All the fun of snow, without the cold.

Trying to clear it up was impossible as, having come to investigate my sighs of exasparation, Garden Girl decided that Garden Boy had come up with a fabulous idea and a 'snowball fight' quickly ensued with me, on my knees trying to clean it all up, becoming the main aim for all the shots. It was only when Garden Dad returned from the garage that order was restored and the shredded paper was double bagged and removed, ready to be added to the wormery we have ordered. Garden Dad has told us all to behave ourselves this afternoon so we are sitting peacefully watching the Snow White movie. No more snowball fights for us.

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  1. I love it, better than my two, who after last feb's snow, took out all the washing powder!!