Sunday 17 January 2010

Meeting the Worms

Our Little Garden Helpers had to wait till yesterday to meet our worms as the roofers fixing our loft roof were using tools in our garage on Friday. We were munching on marshmallow muffins when I suggested we go outside to feed the worms and Garden Boy instantly discarded his cake and ran to get his boots.

While they were getting their outdoor clothes on, I explained that the worms would eat our food scraps and turn it into compost for our garden. With the lid off the wormery, they watched as the worms wriggled about and spotted a few that had escaped. Garden Dad rescued them, returning them to the tray and then our Little Garden Helpers delighted in putting handfuls of potato peel and uneaten apple in the top tray.

We left the lid off for the rest of day so the worms would burrow better and hopefully not try to escape again and after lunch today Garden Girl and Garden Boy have been promised they can go and check on the worm's progress and give them some more food.

In the meantime we are going to set up our mushroom plugs which Father Christmas kindly left in my fridge this Christmas.

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