Sunday 3 January 2010

Planning for 2010

A new year has begun and there is a lot to plan. We need to sit down and look through the seed catalogues, plan the garden and make a start preparing the ground for planting in spring. We have also decided to get ourselves a wormery. After our unwanted garden guests early last year, we decided not to have a compost bin in our garden, however we still want to be able to compost so a wormery seems like a good compromise.

We also aim to sort out our photos while the weather is cold. You may have noticed that over the past couple of months the numbers of photos appearing on this blog have been scarce. This has been due to a hard drive malfunction that has made it awkward for us to access and use our photos but with the determination that comes at the beginning of the new year and the cold keeping us in the warm, we will soon have things back to normal and there will be more pictures.

We also have a new bird bath to home and a family mosaic paving stone to make together, as well as hopefully creating that much longed for seating area at the back of the garden. Our Little Garden Helpers have been dreaming of having a 'their size' bench to sit on rather than just as wall and I have been dreaming about having a 'me size' bench to catch the evening sun.

So plans are being formulated for 2010 and a new year begins with anticipation for the new growing season which will no doubt creep up on us faster than we expect. Just take a look at the photo below; the seeds in our bird feeder have already started growing and they aren't even supposed to be!

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  1. I don't blame you for not wanting compost after seeing rats. Worms will do nicely. LOL