Thursday 4 June 2009

Turning One

Little Garden Boy turns one next week. Consequently I have spent all this week looking for photos of him from the past year. For Garden Girl's first birthday we decided that it would be nice if she had something to keep for the future. Friends and relatives, always generous, bought toys. So we created a photo book chronicling the key events of her first year. She loves to look through it now and hopefully Garden Boy will get the same pleasure from his.

It has been lovely to look back over a year of photos. The laid back baby with the big smile has grown into the energetic and cheeky little toddler that keeps us on the move. People have always said to me 'savour every moment, they grow so quickly' and despite this being such a cliche, it is so very true. One year old! Where did that year go?

While I have been gazing at Garden Boy's grinning face, Garden Dad has built a fantastic frame for the netting, which is now keeping the wood pigeons at bay. Three of them were trying very hard to find a way through today but did not succeed. He has also been doing a fantastic job preparing space for more planting in the garden. With wet weather looming, I hope that we can find a few dry spells to get outdoors this weekend and finally plant out the final seeds, especially the peas. And I think Garden Dad will be pleased that, with the photo book completed, my focus will return to the garden.


  1. Happy Birthday, Garden Boy! The photo book sounds lovely.

    Award for you over at mine.

  2. What a lovely idea. I'm sure that both GG and GB will treasure their photo books for years to come.