Thursday 25 June 2009

The French Beans are In

I did it! I managed to plant out the rest of the French Beans with the help of Garden Girl. Though I had to sacrifice some strawberries in the process. I was so thrilled to be finally finishing the task I started at the weekend, that I wasn't paying quite enough attention to an unusually quiet Garden Boy. He was stealthily making his way around the strawberry plants eating absolutely every strawberry. Still, its better than the blackbirds getting them. And I did it! I finally managed to plant out the French Beans! (Forgive me for stressing this point but I am bouncing with excitement at this small acheivement - simple pleasures!).

And we didn't stop there. All three of us joined in some serious weeding and by the end of the day we had cleared all the raised beds of any sign of these unwanted greens (apart from the stretch covered by netting) as well as the cracks in the patio. Our patio is a little sun spot where weeds gather in large amounts to wave at me through the window and taunt me. Well there will be no taunting today. I was a girl on a mission yesterday.

We even planted out the creeping thyme I sowed way back in the early spring. I placed this at intervals along the wall that seperates the patio from the herb bed in the hope that, along this bit of the patio at least, any weed that thinks it can return to taunt me will be smothered.

In the evening while Garden Dad broke up some top soil to mound around the potatoes I watered the garden and took stock of everything that has grown. And I realised how proud I am of all that we have acheived. It has taken so much hard work to get from the original garden to the productive vegetable patch that we have today. And despite the poor soil, things are growing. Not all of it with gusto, but its growing all the same, which is higher than our initial expectations at the beginning of the year.

If the weather holds I will snap some pics today so I can proudly show you all what is growing out there. I am also reminded that it is a while since I gave you all an installment of Our Garden; a History so expect some more details of how we got to where we are today over the weekend.

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  1. Well done, I know what you mean about how these little achievements can mean a lot to a mother’s psychie. I look forward to the garden history instalment.