Saturday 20 June 2009

One of Those Days

It was one of those days today. One of those days filled with good intentions and a long list of tasks that you feel certain can be completed before night fall, but which ends without that satisfactory feeling of crossing things off the list. The main task for the day, fixing the garden fence, did get completed thanks to the hard work of Garden Dad and Grandad. And our neighbours put up the new dividing fence faster than the speed of light. So the overall impression in the garden is one of a radical transformation, for the better. But I personally didn't acheive anything. And I feel cheated.

I wanted to rearrange the greenhouse but was stopped in my tracks as I needed to keep Garden Boy out of the way of flying bits of concrete. I then tried to plant out the French beans but only got as far as placing the pots in the right bed before Garden Girl fell over and needed her mummy. Grandma South cut back the rosemary and showed me how to take heel cuttings but when I tried to plant them in their new home it started to rain. I had to stop and entertain the little Garden Helpers before Garden Boy banged his way through the patio doors trying to get back outside. I could go on but I think you already get the idea. I ended the day with a list of half started, but unfinished jobs and a list of jobs I didn't even begin.

So I have given up and I'm watching TV. Tomorrow I will have renewed enthusiasm and I will cross off each item on that list of tasks. My pen is at the ready.

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