Tuesday 3 March 2009

Tumbling towards a tomato feast

Well if I had any remaining nagging doubts over the greenhouse the wind thrashing about outside tonight is the final test. Lets hope it's still standing tomorrow.

BIG NEWS. Our first seeds have started to grow! Our tumbling tom tomatoes have germinated in the airing cupboard (our greenhouse is not heated) so need to be rehomed in the greenhouse very soon. I am so excited I am dancing on the spot (I do that). I wasn't expecting to see growth so soon so I got a surprise when I checked on them just after the little garden helpers had gone to bed. Garden Girl will be very excited in the morning - she will be one seedling closer to her tomato feast. We chose 5 varieties of tomatoes for her to taste, saving money by splitting the packs with my sister, so I hope the other 4 will follow tumbling tom soon.

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