Sunday 1 March 2009

Sowing Seeds

This is a landmark weekend for me. I have sown my first seeds of the year in the greenhouse and I have launched my blog. I am relatively new to these adventures and am looking forward to growing in skill and knowledge in both areas. My blog currently looks much like the plant pots now occupying the greenhouse; a little bare and awaiting care and attention. So if I am lucky enough to have someone reading this at such an early stage I promise to tend the blog with as much care and attention as the seeds my little garden helpers and I so eagerly planted yesterday. I just need a little time to figure out what to do next.

My little garden helpers need to be introduced as they are the reason I am writing this now. I currently have two little garden helpers (Garden Girl and Garden Boy) and one big garden helper (Garden Dad) whose general behaviour is much the same as the little ones. Garden Girl (now two and half) has inspired us to 'grow our own'. During Garden Girl's first summer (when she was roughly 10 months old) my sister gave us 6 tomato plants she had nurtured from seed in her greenhouse. These plants produced lots and lots of fruit, none of which made it to the table. It was almost impossible to play in the garden that summer as Garden Girl simply toddled to the tomato plants and ate all and any fruit she could grab. I could only drag her away to pick and smell garden herbs and any visitors to the house that summer were compelled to smell a variety of different pickings Garden Girl wafted in front of their noses. Garden Boy, now slightly younger than Garden Girl was that year, is showing similar enthusiasm for the garden though his interests lie in playing with and eating soil rather than fruit.

As a stay-at-home-mum with a background in archaeology I have taken this as an opportunity to return to the outdoors work I enjoy so much. Gardening will provide me and my children with so many rewards and the best thing is, we will be learning together. We might not be producing prize winning carrots or breaking the record for biggest pumpkin, but hopefully we will have lots of fun together and get a few tasty meals along the way.

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