Sunday 8 March 2009

Sprouts and Sprouting

Well the greenhouse did withstand the wind but our neighbours' fence didn't. One panel crashed right into the side of the greenhouse. After all the careful checking on the greenhouse I somehow didn't notice the fallen panel until Garden girl was trying to run around the side and found a 'tunnel'; a great new addition to her green play house. My heart skipped a few beats as I worridly checked for damage but there was not even a scratch so I find myself once again impressed. I can without any doubt now recommend polycarbonate greenhouses to those of you thinking about growing indoors with energetic children.

We didn't progress much with the garden this weekend. A trip to the zoo took precedent and quite rightly too. But we have continued to tend the seeds we started with. The Brussels sprouts are looking very healthy indeed though once again I may have got a little carried away with the number of plants. I know it is something of a tradition to have too many Brussel sprouts on Christmas Day but this might be taking it too far. Garden girl is very impressed though, as there are some real results here for her to see and it has helped to maintain her interest in watering the rest of the seeds now she can see what her care and attention produces.

Talking sprouts, we are going to give sprouting a go this week. We have been collecting old jars and are ready to go. Its not something I have done before but I thought it would be lots of fun for the children. Garden Boy will enjoy splashing in the water and Garden Girl should be impressed with the quick results. The big question is, will growing the bean sprouts themselves be enough incentive to eat them when they have grown?

Garden Dad has just given me some words of wisdom ' Don't sprout too many at once!' He has obviously been counting the number of tomato and brussels sprout plants!

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  1. Goodness the polycarbonate must be really strong. Glass would almost certainly have shattered.